National Day and Armed Forces Day at the Korean Ambassador’s House

When I was growing up in LA, treat eating Korean food meant one thing: an all-meat dinner cooked over the grill at the restaurant, Woo Lae Oak. Each visit was pretty much the same experience — billowing clouds of meat-scented smoke, sharp, vinegary kimchi, marinade-drenched bulgogi or kalbi and the  sizzling sounds from the grill complemented with the loud, sucking vacuums above each grill.  Little did I know, I had only skimmed the surface of Korean cuisine.

Earlier this month, I was asked to help in the Korean government’s latest efforts to promote and globalize their cuisine at a celebration of National Day and Armed Forces Day at the Ambassador’s home in D.C.  And this time there was no grilled meat involved… Ok, maybe a tub or two of bulgogi.

Bucket of bulgogi

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