Thanksgiving Recap and a Recipe for Curried Butternut Squash and Apples

thanksgiving dinner

This past Thursday, the sweet and savory aromas of Thanksgiving filled my apartment building. Through my bathroom vent, I can usually smell what the neighbors are cooking. Since the kitchen and bathroom vents in the building are conjoined, it often draws in odd yet strangely alluring scents to the apartment by way of the bathroom. Sometimes it’s waffles, bacon and Pantene Pro-V on Sunday mornings. In the evening it can be a medley of pot roast and spicy Thai curry. But it was Thanksgiving day, and most kitchens in the building were already whirring with activity by early afternoon. The familiar smells of sage, pumpkin, cinnamon, and roast poultry were not only coming in from the bathroom, but had managed to slip into the hallway as well, enveloping me with delicious aromas when I opened the door and walked to and from the elevator.

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A Weekend of Fish Curry and French Movies in Chiang Mai

Nat retreats to Chiang Mai for a relaxing weekend of fish curry, click French movies and some poolside lounging. — Veronica

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If I could live anywhere in Thailand, pills it would be Chiang Mai.  The old city retains its traditional, square layout, with a surrounding moat and restored medieval gates which lend an atmosphere of history that is absent in most of Bangkok.  Chiang Mai is over 500 years older and the people seem commensurately more kind and relaxed.  Nowhere is it more apparent that Chiang Mai is culturally different than in the wats, or temples which have decidedly less gold and glitter and more delicately carved wood.  Bangkok feels rushed, brash and taxing in comparison.

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