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Can You Cook Using a Clothes Iron ?

steam iron for cooking


Dorm room dining is all about improvising, and you would be surprised at how efficiently a clothes iron comes in handy. This good old household appliance is a lifesaver for poor resourceful college students but these are not the …

Food Preservation Using Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems

air conditioning for food


Can you guess the one thing that refrigerators have in common with air conditioning units ? Well, besides cooling, they also dehumidify, and these are the two most important working principles of both appliances. One the one hand, successful …

Gamelan Kusuma Laras: A Musical Foray into Indonesian Cuisine

The Javanese Gamelan group Kusuma Laras holds rehearsals at the Indonesian Consulate twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays. Beginning at 5:30, members trickle into the basement of the Consulate, each taking their respective place in front of the majestic …