Launching Off The Rooftop

Feast your eyes!!  A few snapshots from the launch party for World to Table:

Pre-party prep action…

Cooking the Haitian riz dion dion and beef rendang short ribs simultaneously.

Chef Cedric flipping some ribs

Smoked wild salmon on a mini wheat pancake, one health dill and crème fraiche

Figs wrapped with speck

WORLDFOODS Beef rendang shortribs

Pickled watermelon rind

Haitian “riz dion dion” (wild mushroom rice with green peas)

Green papaya & watermelon salad with WORLDFOODS Coconut and Lime Dressing

WORLDFOODS Sweet Thai Chili and Kaffir Lime Pork Lemongrass Skewer

Chilled basil and lavender poached peaches

TWG Napoleon Tea Cookies

by Roboppy

Now for some party photos..

Hope and Sunjeong sipping on gazpacho

Ice cold Singha and Beerlao beer

illness Cynthia, dosage Claire” src=”http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3436/3708334014_d1c1e74051.jpg” alt=”” width=”500″ height=”375″ />
An awesome trio of bartenders — Kenton, Cynthia, and Claire

by Roboppy

by Roboppy
Greg’s a big fan of the Geisha Blossom tea

Chris Johnson, Johan Svensson, Cedric Tovar

by Roboppy

by Roboppy

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4 Responses to Launching Off The Rooftop

  1. May says:

    The food was super excellent (thank you to the creators of the recipe .. Cedric, Veronica, David), the venue was fantastic (thank you Wendy and David) and the weather was on our side! This is what we call good karma to a good launch. Thank goodness my picture is not in there … it may spoil the whole idea of the night! 🙂

    • veronica says:

      i can’t seem to find that photo with you in it.. that’s the only thing missing from this post! i’m glad you could come and enjoy the good food and good company 🙂

  2. linda n says:

    omg girl those garlicy greens look so good…s o hard to get just right (mine come out too garlicy/ salty sometimes) but when you do… its magic.

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